Our Guru

Her Holiness Bina Guru Shishya Khali has been selected to lead a reintegration after it was discovered that the Devi has been again manifested on earth in multiple forms. Bina Guru Shishya means "without a lineage." Our guru has no guru. She is the establishment of a wholly new lineage. Devi has manifested in order to rebalance the planetary masculine and feminine principles as well as to incorporate scientific discoveries into ancient wisdom. The goal of Her Holiness is to assemble the compendium of ancient knowledge into one united whole, and to reintroduce it to the modern world in a way we can understand. Bhairavism teaches that the God/Goddess you seek is already within you, and that Enlightenment is a state that you are already in, you are just unaware of it.

The Ten Mahavidyas

The story

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The Ten Mahavidyas


Her Holiness was identified as a living manifestation of one of the ten Mahavidyas. After discovery, certain processes were done to ensure that the manifestation took hold properly and that the message of the new dawn of feminine divine ultimate success on earth and in the cosmos is expressed in a way that modern mankind can understand. This is a very auspicious time to be alive and one that will begin a new epoch of triumph of the inclusive and giving nature of the earth. 

Her Holiness is undergoing extreme processes to help move the needle to the direction it needs to go in in order to rebalance the masculine and feminine dimensions of human energy and social structures. 

The Linga