Mission & Philosophy

The mission of Bhairavists are to usher in a new epoch of feminine goddess worship and to ensure that Mother Earth is protected above all other priorities. 


It has been too long that the power structure of humanity has been upheld by the myth of masculine superiority. I am here. It has been too long that God and any god has been envisioned only as male. I am here. It has been too long that the masculine dimension has been abused by those seeking power in order to subordinate half the world's population. I am here. It has been too long that woman has been abused, manipulated, and cursed for no other reason than being born. I am here. It has been too long that female power has been forgotten and shunned and stigmatized. I am here. It has been too long that the feminine is equated with weakness. I am here. It has been too long that the pain of female creatures has been repressed into the very soil of the earth. I am here. The wailings of the female dimension can no longer be ignored. I am here. 

What is Bhairavism?


The Goddess Bhairavi is thousands of years old, and is one of the ten Mahavidyas. She is the goddess of Kundalini and represents fierceness and is awe-inspiring. It is said that if you gain her favor, everything you want in your life will be taken care of so that you can move past that and focus on your spiritual growth. She is the path of the Devotee.

She is also called as Shubhankari, which means that she is the doer of auspicious deeds to her devotees who are her children, which means she is a good mother. She also favors violence, punishment and bloodshed to those who are irreligious and cruel, which also means that she is the Mother of all violence to them. She is said to be seen as violent and terrible but is a benign Mother to her children.


Bhairavism is an outgrowth of ancient yogic spiritual practices such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and classical yoga. This path is a reimagined vehicle for Goddess worship focusing on rebalancing the masculine and feminine dimensions of the earth. Main focuses include: Female empowerment, Protecting the environment, Mental decluttering, Modern life problems, and Goal Achievement.

One of the main problems with women today is that we do not feel "good enough", "pretty enough", "smart enough", "worthy enough", etc. The problem is not in being too egotistical. The problem is that we are not egotistical enough. It is the natural inclination of the woman to be agreeable and to want to make peace. (Of course - there are always exceptions!) But...It is the natural inclination of the woman to have many many passions and goals. Because of this natural inclination (which is needed and necessary to ensure the survival of humanity), she can often put herself second or last, and to feel overwhelmed, overlooked, and lost in a sea of struggle. She often feels that if she doesn't have a man, she is not effective. She often doesn't know how to get her way even when she knows her way is the right way.

This ancient Goddess was reawakened when Sadhguru put her in linga form in India eleven years ago. To find out more about Linga Bhairavi please visit: https://lingabhairavi.org/

Bhairavism is a new form of an ancient devotion, which is being actively formed to include new guidance for a modern world. SPECIFIC instructions as to how to deal with our modern life are addressed.

For example:

-How much time should you spend on social media?
-Is social media good or bad for you?
-Is money bad?
-How do I get the partner I want?
-How do I start my own business?
-Why are there so many religions?
-Which one is the right religion?
-Why do I feel depressed?
-How can I overcome an addiction?
-Can I get plastic surgery and still feel that I have dignity?

For more information you can visit these two websites: